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Dragon Eye Connection
By:Paul Janeway
Published on 2011-07-01 by Strategic Book Publishing

Charlie Johnson is your typical 13-year-old kid, whose favorite pastime just happens to be hunting for mysteries at the library. One day, Charlie finds a book that reveals a secret about his very own town of Dragon Falls. While investigating the mystery, Charlie's conversation with an Indian member of the community leads to the discovery of Roskoff, the dragon of Dragon Falls. Charlie and Roskoff build a wonderful friendship.Through a gift known as the Dragon Eye Connection, Roskoff is able to show Charlie moments from the past, including a battle that changed the future of dragons forever. When Roskoff gives Charlie some gold to help his father's business, greed rears its ugly head amongst some of the townsfolk of Dragon Falls, including Charlie's future step-dad. As events escalate, a fight ensues that may cost someone their life, and put many other's in danger. Will Charlie and Roskoff be able to avert this threat?Dragon Eye Connection is a story that encompasses a sense of family, friendship, love, and acceptance that transcends time and place. This is a book which will convince you that magic is within all of us. Paul Janeway is a first time author who wrote this for his family. Though it is fictional, Dragon Eye Connection relates to all of us in some way. Mr. Janeway hopes and believes this story can be a special part of somebody's life as so many books were for him when he was growing up. http: //

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