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Easy Death
By:Adi Da Samraj
Published on 2005 by North Atlantic Books

In 1983, the first edition of Easy Death appeared to wide acclaim. Many people in the professions associated with death and dying expressed their immense appreciation, and the book was hailed by death-and-dying pioneer Elizabeth Kübler-Ross as a “masterpiece.” The second edition of the book was published in 1991, bringing together more of Avatar Adi Da’s remarkable Wisdom about death given in the years since the first edition. As Adi Da Samraj essentially retired from active verbal Instruction in April 2000, this third edition of Easy Death stands as a summary communication of His Teaching on matters of life and death. The contents of this new edition draw from both previous editions, from new Talks and Writings, and from the remarkable stories of Avatar Adi Da’s Spiritual Work with the living and the dying that has continued without cease since the second edition. The volume also contains several excerpts from Avatar Adi Da’s principal “Source-Text,” The Dawn Horse Testament Of The Ruchira Avatar, on the question of death. And perhaps the most significant additions to the third edition are the sections describing Avatar Adi Da’s own direct “consideration” and experience relative of the esoteric process of death and Realization. If you are open to the Blessing that flows through the pages of Easy Death, you will find yourself drawn into a heart-conversation as alive and intimate as any secret exchange between Guru and disciple in ancient times. –from the Editor’s Preface to the Third Edition

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