Free Connection to Love

Connection to Love
By:Martin O'Connor
Published on 2004-01-01 by iUniverse

Love. The most beautiful of words. Love is the fiber of our essence-yet do you feel it right now? Do you feel loved by others, and loving toward others? Or do you feel alone? Is there pain and distress in your life that needs to be addressed before you can move forward in a more constructive way? Connection to Love teaches how to focus your life on love. A love-based life is a life of joy and fulfillment. Be inspired by others. This collection of prose and poems expresses each author's real life experience, and how they have worked through issues to a fulfilling life focused on love. There are many stories of connection with angels-a connection with love and support that has transformed lives. These stories are inspirational. They are also guides for living a love-based life ourselves, so that we become angels to others. The outcome is that our lives take on meaning and purpose in a way that we never knew possible. Connection to Love. We all want it. We all need it. Now you have the tools to get it!

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