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The Chinese Connection
By:Pai Y. Loh
Published on 1981 by

Lee Kai-Chang was tired of being the model obedient Chinese son. He was tired of all that his family represented--the establishment, affluence and traditional values. He wanted a cause. When he left his home, he was determined to overthrow his family, his whole class, and the existing puppet government of Taiwan. Searching for excitement, Lee joined forces with the People's Liberation Army, a rebel communist organization. Although his life became filled with action, it was void of purpose or meaning. Before long, Lee found himself in prison, scorned by his family. There came the message of salvation from his Christian uncle. Now Lee's enthusiasm was rechanneled into God's work. Filled with courage and vigor, he became involved in an effort to smuggle Bibles into the People's Republic of China. Now, he really had a cause --From publisher's description.

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