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The Afterlife Connection
By:Dr. Jane Greer
Published on 2007-04-01 by St. Martin's Griffin

This fascinating and surprising book is the first ever by a classically trained therapist to explore the spiritual aspects of the bond that exists between the living and the dead. Dr. Jane Greer began with the belief that this bond was not purely a psychological one but was, in fact, much more dynamic and empowering. It was only in the shattering aftermath of her own mother's death, however--a turning point that, Dr. Greer admits, challenged her own ability to cope--that she began to explore and understand how to recognize and even initiate an ongoing communication that can have a profound impact on the ways we grieve and heal. In these pages we learn that transcommunication is not simply |a hello from heaven| but a powerful therapeutic tool that is available to any of us. Through the story of her deceased mother's many dream visits and manifestations--as well as those visits her patients receive from their loved ones-we learn to be alert to the signs of such phenomena and to recognize the messages they contain. We see how her patients come to feel safe and protected again--as though they have a guardian angel-once they learn to open themselves up to these possibilities. Through this communication, which is at once spiritual and very concrete, the pain of grieving can be made more bearable. Ambivalent relationships can be healed. And a loved one's messages can bring relief and joy.

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