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One Wedding
By:Brett Florens
Published on 2014-05-13 by Amherst Media

Every wedding is a journey; it starts off slowly many months before the “big day” and starts to accelerate as the auspicious occasion draws closer, with frenetic activity, unforeseen problems, and heightened emotions causing bumps and swerves along the road. When the day dawns, the hill to climb in the hours ahead can seem arduous, or for the über-prepared and relaxed, it could simply be plain sailing. And once the formalities are over and the party gets started, it’s usually a speedy downhill ride from there! Photographers tasked with the job of recording the events of the day need to make this journey as pleasant as possible for the clients. Of course, this is no small task. In this book, Brett Florens takes readers step by step through one entire wedding, offering tips to smooth the rocky road for their clients. He provides a play-by-play look at all of the photographic tasks of the day, from the pre-shoot production procedures (engaging with the client about the look and feel of the shoot, developing a mood board [a collection of images, colors, etc. that will inspire the images]), to the engagement shoot, through to the post-wedding shoot and the compilation of the wedding album. He explains, in simple language, how he executed each aspect of the shoot and created the storytelling wedding album. He also discusses his equipment selection and the reasons why he opts to use the tools he selects. Because marketing is essential when trying to attract a specific client, he outlines surefire techniques for identifying, attracting, and securing your target market, allowing you carte blanche to create images and storybooks that reflect your vision and unique interpretation of the event.

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