Book Psychic Connections

Psychic Connections
By:Carolyn Gelone
Published on 2015-02-13 by iUniverse

If you have ever wondered about the supernatural things in life, read this book. It is one person’s experiences with the psychic world. Maybe you have had a dream that came true or a person call you at the exact time you were thinking of them. Maybe you followed a thought to go a different way to work and something amazing happened on the way! Everyone has a sense of intuition, do you listen to yours? The author, Carolyn Gelone, has worked with the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce. In searching for answers to her questions about life and its spiritual dimensions she realized that she was living in the midst of many events that were answers to her questions. Follow her journey as she becomes more and more aware of the blending of the visible and invisible worlds. And get ready to remember the times in your life when you knew what was happening was more than just a coincidence. If you like a touch of the mysterious, you’ll like PSYCHIC CONNECTIONS.

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